Oil painting of bumble bee holding a stack of money in each hand, on a yellow background
About FlowerBuddy:

We are Committed to Empowering Floral Entrepreneurs

With our roots in business, technology, and software development, we discovered the world of floristry through the entrepreneurial ventures of those we admire. This experience opened our eyes to the complex blend of professionalism, artistic skill, and resilience needed to succeed in the floral industry.

Observing the financial realities of this sector led us to a crucial realization. Professionals who skillfully take on multiple roles – from CEO to artist, from operations manager to craftsman – deserve greater financial recognition. This understanding has fueled our mission at FlowerBuddy.

We are dedicated to helping florists build sustainable and profitable businesses. Our goal is simple yet impactful: to provide the tools and support needed for florists to thrive in their craft and in business.

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