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FlowerBuddy's floral event software provides a seamless and connected process that makes achieving and improving profitability painless!

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FlowerBuddy is Free

FlowerBuddy offers the largest set of free-forever tools on the market. When you're ready to do more, only pay for the events you book. We get paid, when you get paid.

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FlowerBuddy is better for...

Your Client

One proposal link to rule them all
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Mobile friendly
Click to zoom images
Add or remove optional items
Sign E-contract and Amendments
Quick and secure payments
Printable contracts & proposals

Your Team

Share the plan not your pricing
Top-down view of two florists arranging a variety of fresh flowers and greenery on a wooden table, crafting a floral arrangement with tools in hand.
Digital interactive floral build instructions
Pull lists connected to your inventory
Time lines and locations
Recipes with inspo photos and notes
Mark Items as complete
Take photos of completed work

And You

Everything you need to plan & execute
Smiling florist in a green apron using a tablet in a flower shop, surrounded by an array of colorful flowers, with a laptop on the counter.
Automated tasks & workflows
Costs, Prices and Profit always visible
Recipes & Templates
Export orders with one click
Inventory management
Built in flower data

You don't love your spreadsheets, your comfortable with them..

It doesn't have to be so hard!

Managing a bag full of apps and spreadsheets is expensive, time consuming and inevitably leads to mistakes. With FlowerBuddy you simplify, save time and reduce errors!

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Workspace with a laptop with FlowerBuddy logo on the screen on a wooden desk displaying vibrant marigold flowers on the screen, matching the fresh marigolds in a clear vase, accompanied by a black pen holder, books, and a wireless mouse.

Everything under one roof

We never stand still. We are always listening, improving and adding to our long list of features.

Click any feature below for videos and more info! 🖱️⬇️

Hear what our buddies are saying

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FlowerBuddy has been a lifesaver for me. I was one of those florists who despised using recipes because I thought it interfered with my creative process, but my perspective has totally changed since I started using FlowerBuddy. It is so user-friendly (even if you've never used a software like this before) and there are so many cool features that you can use right on the site from creating the recipe to proposals to creating and having clients sign a contract. It's a must-have if you're doing weddings and events!
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Breigh Jones-Coplin

Black + Blossomed

The team is super flexible, launches new features constantly, improves the functioning and irons out all bugs within a split second.


Blooming Haus

Clients love the proposals and being able to sign the contract online then pay their booking fees and balances easily.

Kai Leek

Verdure Floral Design

FlowerBuddy is a much needed tool for organizing! I love the professional look it provides clients, and I have had event planners comment on how beautiful the proposals are!

Wenonah Recio

Botanicals Floral

Our favorite feature of FlowerBuddy is the speedy response time when we have a question or comment. Many times they will respond with a personalized instruction video!

Kay & Macey

Flourish Floral & Design

FlowerBuddy is saving us time and money! Pricing is the scariest part of flowers, now I don't stay up late at night worrying about it, I know my profitability is protected!

Cillia Marion

Marion Matrimony Events

Flower Buddy has completely changed our business! Writing proposals has never been easier, keeps everything organized and in one place and has created higher profit margins.

Christina Barringer

Susan's Flowers

I love that my feedback goes to real people who understand the business and who listen and make improvements [to the software].

Kim Zimmerman

Rowdy Poppy

The web proposal blows my mind! I can edit on the go and my clients can see my changes immediately!

Megan Guerrie

Flint and Pearl

An Affordable Investment

A Large Return

FlowerBuddy is hundreds, sometimes more than $1,000 less than the competition. Use it for free as long as you'd like. We get paid when you get paid.

Scalable Starter
2% Booking Fee
0.5% Invoicing Fee
Free Forever
Pre-loaded Floral Data
Unlimited Proposals
Floral Recipes
Workflows + Tasks
After 2% Fee
Payments (0.5% Invoice Fee)
Export Orders
Digital Build Instructions
Create Free Account
Scalable Pro
1% Booking Fee
No Invoicing Fee
Pre-loaded Floral Data
Unlimited Proposals
Floral Recipes
Workflows + Tasks
Inventory Management
After 1% Fee
Payments (no fee)
Export Orders
Digital Build Instructions
Create Free Account
No Booking Fees
No Invoicing Fees
No Fees
Pre-loaded Floral Data
Unlimited Proposals
Floral Recipes
Workflows + Tasks
Inventory Management
Payments (no fee)
Export Orders
Digital Build Instructions
Create Free Account
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