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So easy to use, get up to speed in minutes not weeks. Customize all aspects of your account including proposal design.

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Floral recipes, proposals, contracts, payments, templates and so much more, all designed to save you time and money.

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From side hustle to empire, our pricing scales with your business, giving you the tools you need from the start without breaking the bank.

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Testimonials from FlowerBuddy users

Breigh Jones-Coplin in front of floral installation

FlowerBuddy has been a lifesaver for me. I was one of those florists who despised using recipes because I thought it interfered with my creative process, but my perspective has totally changed since I started using FlowerBuddy. It is so user-friendly (even if you've never used a software like this before) and there are so many cool features that you can use right on the site from creating the recipe to proposals to creating and having clients sign a contract. It's a must-have if you're doing weddings and events!

Breigh Jones-Coplin

Black + Blossomed

FlowerBuddy is saving us time and money! Pricing is the scariest part of flowers, now I don't stay up late at night worrying about it, I know my profitability is protected!

Flower Buddy has completely changed our business! Writing proposals has never been easier, keeps everything organized and in one place and has created higher profit margins.

Christina Barringer, owner of Susan's Flowers in Carbondale Colorado

Christina Barringer

Susan's Flowers

I love that my feedback goes to real people who understand the business and who listen and make improvements [to the software].

Kim Zimmerman, a florist and farmer, owner of Rowdy Poppy, at her farm, holding a bucket of flowers

Kim Zimmerman

Rowdy Poppy

The web proposal blows my mind! I can edit on the go and my clients can see my changes immediately!

Megan Guerrie, owner of Flint and Pearl, in her studio holding flower bouquet

Megan Guerrie

Flint and Pearl

Woman florist sitting in chair, working on laptop, wearing glasses and yellow overalls, with green plants in the background.

Shake that app!

No high pressure sales tactics, no credit card info needed. The app speaks for itself.


You: "What is it you would say you do here?"

FlowerBuddy: "Oh you know... saving you loads of time and money!"

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Floral Recipes

Add and edit photos, flowers, hard good and labor. We’ll handle the math to get you the profit you deserve!

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Create templates from scratch or from existing events, so each time gets faster.

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Web Proposal

Present your clients with beautiful interactive proposals, optimized for every screen size.

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Make it easier for your clients to book by adding your e-sign contract right to your proposal.

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Payments via Stripe and automatic reminders sent to your clients. Hello on-time payment!

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Order Automation

Adjust order quantities, make substitutions, and email orders to wholesalers with a click.

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Build Plans

Interactive digital build plan: pull lists, stem counts, expected durations, photos and more.

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Financial Visibility

Always know your cost, price and profit: by recipe, by event, for your entire business

You are worth investing in!

With our Scalable payment plan, FlowerBuddy's success is tied to yours. Why? Because you are worth investing in! We are confident that with FlowerBuddy you will grow your business and improve your profitability.


$30 per month +
1% per booked event

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All features

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Unlimited proposals

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1% Fee only if event books

The booking fee is built into the price of your events so that it does not impact your profit!

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$1,800 per year
No event fee

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All features

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Unlimited proposals

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Unlimited booked events

This option is worth considering for businesses expecting to meet or exceed an annual revenue of $150K

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