FlowerBuddy vs. Curate

FlowerBuddy is actually easy to use (🤨 wait, what?).
It comes with pre-loaded flower data (🤔 Ok, keep talking).
streamlines your process (😳 Is that event possible?)
Start for free forever, only pay when you book (🤯 Is that legal)

Yes…yes it is!

Let’s explore how FlowerBuddy compares to Curate. Short answer: better features, easier to use, much more affordable. You like charts? Keep scrolling!

What does this mean for your bottom line?

Let's compare the FlowerBuddy Unlimited plan to the Curate Team plan. On the Unlimited plan, you'll have access to all of the tools you need to create as many proposals as you want. Enjoy access to a suite of professional event execution tools like web contracts, flower ordering, payment processing, build instructions and more.

In the table below, we compare FlowerBuddy's highest plan, to Curate's middle tier.

And the winner is... FlowerBuddy! FlowerBuddy has more features and beats Curate on price. Keep scrolling to for a detailed comparison and see how powerful FlowerBuddy is compared to the competition.

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Let's Get Into the Nitty Gritty

FlowerBuddy beats Curate on nearly every metric - more features at a lowers price. See for yourself in the table below.

A table comparing the features of FlowerBuddy to the features of Details. The table shows that FlowerBuddy is cheaper and has more features than Details.
FlowerBuddy is built for professionals and priced to work with every size business. Get more and pay less with FlowerBuddy.
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