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Tony Guerrie
May 24, 2024
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We believe in profitability and creativity. We also believe in YOU. That’s why we created the Scalable Starter Plan. We are offering some of our most powerful tools for FREE.

We imagine a world where you create floral proposals that are:

  • Customizable
  • Profitable for your business
  • Track every detail from stems to candles
  • Seamlessly integrated with contracts and payments to simplify booking

A world where each event you book is supported by:

  • Workflows
  • Task management
  • Simplified floral orders
  • Internal notes for your team
  • Build instructions
  • Inventory Management

No upfront annual subscription.

Only pay when your client books.

Event floristry is a complicated, labor intensive, high stakes career. And too many business owners are not reaching their desired profit goals.

Enter FlowerBuddy.

Recipes can feel complicated if you're not used to doing them. Now you can learn at your own pace, and invest when you successfully book.

In true tech fashion, FlowerBuddy was established with a pay as you go mentality. You only pay for additional tools, when you need them. That is, after the client signs with you, when you get value from our software.

Now you get to see what FlowerBuddy is all about, without being forced to commit to an annual subscription.

Now you get a partner that gets paid when you get paid. So we want your success, as much as we want our own.

As you continue to grow and succeed, we offer plans that scale with you, to reduce the fees you pay FlowerBuddy.

Fueled by successful Florists. FlowerBuddy.

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Save Time
Tony Guerrie
Co-founder & CEO
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